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Our trades

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Industrial boilermaking

Armitec, located in Loire-Atlantique between Nantes and Saint Nazaire, specialises in the metalworking industry.

We are renowned for our expertise in bending, welding, fitting and assembling.

We can design and construct your systems, from single parts to small, medium and large series.

Our design office can draw up your plans and use your CAD files.

Our qualified boilerworkers and welders are trained to meet your quality requirements and associated safety standards.

We carry out a Quality Control service throughout the manufacturing process in the workshops.  Our Quality and Environmental Management System is based on our ISO 9001 certification Version 2015.


Boiler works

Production from blueprints of any type of stainless steel, aliminium and steel sheet metal parts.

Mass production : laser cutting, output, bending, welding.


Mechanical welding

Manufacture of assemblies in accordance with welding processes.

We can deal with any orders for mechanically welded structures such as heavy load support brackets, machine frames, handling systems (robotic arms).



We work from blueprints or plans to produce parts for all fluid transfer systems : air, water, gas, oil, chemicals and agrifood products.

We master the following welding techniques : Tig, Mig-Mag, Cored Wire, Mig-Mag pulsed, spot welding, EEA.


Finishes for :

Stainless steel : brushed, passivated, bead blasted

Aluminium : passivated, anodised

Steel : galvanized, painted

We can provide a range of different surface treatments through our subcontractors.


Welding qualifications :

A specific quality assurance is provided for all of our products : QMOS, DMOS, welding logs, welding ultrasound control, radiographic control, particle control, penetrant testing.

Our qualifications QMOS (NF ISO 15614) are perfectly scalable and can be adapted to your requirements.

Our welders are qualified according to NF EN ISO 9606.

We are experts in mechanical welding and produce the most complex elements including tools and…




ZA Estuaire Sud

Rue du Commandant Maxfield

44320 Saint-Viaud

GPS data :

Latitude: 47,27697753906250000

Longitude: -2,008472919464111328