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Our staff and temporary workers' safety is a priority for our company as it is for our customers.

ARMITEC has placed Safety as the first step in the development of a QSE mangement system.

At the instigation of the manager, Jean Louis MELLERIN, ARMITEC has set up a security management system led by a QSE supervisor.

ARMITEC is certified ISO 9001 version 2015 and ISO 45001 version 2018  until July 2019.


To prevent risks, ARMITEC focuses on :

  • Training : our teams at ARMITEC are trained and authorised to work on all  industrial sites (ATEX – SEI 1 and SEI 2 – risk prevention and first aid – electricial authorisation – overhead crane driver autorisation – CACES (certificate of operator safety competency) fork lift truck – CACES PEMP 3A/3B (elevating platform) – CACES heavy plant machinery, work at height and safety harness – Scaffolding)
  • Awareness : safety induction training, discussions…
  • Controls : numerous HSE audits are carried out in the workshop and on site.


ZA Estuaire Sud

Rue du Commandant Maxfield

44320 Saint-Viaud

GPS data :

Latitude: 47,27697753906250000

Longitude: -2,008472919464111328