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Our trades

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Industrial plant maintenance

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Armitec, located Loire-Atlantique between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, specialises in mechanical, electrical and fluid transfer maintenance (ad-hoc interventions or annual/monthly contract…)

We specialise in offering repair and maintenance solutions from your specifications or on-site assessment. 

Our site managers, your point of contact, coordinate our team of technicians and qualified fitters.

We have all the necessary technical means (tools and equipment) to carry out your maintenance and industrial assistance projects. 

Regardless of the area of expertise, Armitec adapts to its customer requirements and offers a flexible, responsive service.

Our services

  • Dismantling, refitting and developing serviced mechanical systems
  • Technical expertise and on-site assessment
  • Technical factory shut down and transfer of production lines
  • On-site preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Installation and start-up assistance
  • Technical assistance, ad hoc interventions and maintenance contracts
  • Laser alignment testing
  • Fabrication of spare parts and subassemblies
  • Fitting of new equipment
  • Pipe works (new and renovation) 
  • Maintenance industrial valves : expertise, overhaul, repair, test, tightness and pressure tests


Minimise equipment downtime with on-site machining

  • Boring from 62 to 800 mm
  • Face turning
  • Weld overlay
  • Custom-made liquid nitrogen shrink-fitting
  • Auto-reload


We work with a ELSA Supercominata SC3 boring machine.


ZA Estuaire Sud

Rue du Commandant Maxfield

44320 Saint-Viaud

GPS data :

Latitude: 47,27697753906250000

Longitude: -2,008472919464111328